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Learn about the Drayton area as observed by Alexander Henry, in 1800, during his stay at the Park River Post. Download Adobe Reader - Free
I did a nice salute to veterans in commemoration of Veterans's Day on the VNV Facebook page,  I actually did it several times, each time losing my pages. Not having copied my copy I had to rewrite each time. By the third time I was a bit frustrated, but managed to get an abbreviated post up. I wanted to post like a blog with multiple pictures, but facebook wouldn't let me do that. Have to read the post from bottom to top to make some sense of it, as I had to put it all up in separate posts. Of course the many posts did not align sequentially, so you'll have to try figure it out. There are 10 military persons for every 990 civilians. Usually not that appreciated unless the stuff hits the fan. They deserve some appreciation.
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Alexander's Henry Journal Back Online
It took a while to find all the right stuff but now have the Journal of Alexander Henry, The Park River Post back on line. The journal covers a period of approximately a year starting  September 1800, during which time Henry established a trading post for the Northwest Company. The post was located at the junction of the Park River and Red River, just a few miles south of Drayton. Explore Journal...

Journal of Alexander Henry
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